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More than 25 years successful water treatment


About us

One says Germany has the best drinking water of the world.


The natural product water serves many purposes. Numerous machines and systems engineerings are cooled with water. The still more valuable and thus more expensive nascent water forced to changing. Today, if early one almost unlimited water reserve was available, then the cooling water is usually used repeatedly to be able to save water. The solution of the problems (lime, corrosion, biology etc.) arising from it is one of the central tasks of WTC GmbH.


About us


It was very conscious to Mr Manfred Höhmann, as him at the 01.01.1984 that WTC must be handled one of our most valuable goods extremely responsibly in meal-become Wasserbehandlungstechnik-Chemie GmbH - short WTC - founded.


From the beginning the company is on the water treatment and processing, specialized for the industry particularly. The laboratory and the main store are in Essen. Various chemicals are produced after a formula of their own. Systems engineerings like reverse osmoses, hardness reduction, dosing- and desalization plants and UV - sterilizers are part of the standard program. The advice and the sale of water processing products is main emphasis. The free customer services carries at this high place value.


Joachim Zimmermann joined WTC GmbH at the 01-07-1988 and took the enterprise at the 01-01-2000 after several years of managing director activity of Mr Höhmann who could gradually retire the quiet now. With your 5 employees WTC GmbH is a but small but very flexible enterprise which can react fast to customer wishes.


Many different lines of business, such as the industry, enterprises processing synthetic material, belong to the worldwide customers with boiler houses, foundries, printeries and general administrative building etc..

Only some of the strengths of WTC GmbH are specialized knowledge, customer orientation and flexibility.

Expertise, client focus and flexibility are just some of the strengths of the WTC GmbH. With more than 25 years of experience, our mature, proven and highly effective chemicals and specially adapted plant, we help our clients as an expert and partner.


Cooling towers, cold water sentences, air washers - everywhere, where water is used to the cooling - WTC helps fast and reliably.